How often should you clean solar panels? 5 questions answered!

Solar panels. Wonderfully glittering on your roof. Great… generating your own energy. But what about cleaning your solar panels? How often should that be done? And do you have to clean them yourself? We would be happy to explain this to you in a clear light. Ready for? Just read!

1. Do you need to clean solar panels?

If you have new solar panels, they catch beautiful light. But have they been there for a while? Then it may be that a layer of dirt covers it.

And then the yields in kWh can decrease. Shame! It is therefore advisable to clean your solar panels regularly. But how often?

2. How often should you wash or clean solar panels?

On average, You should clean solar panels approximately once every 5 years. That is often sufficient. Be sure to check the weather conditions carefully. If it rains little, it is wise to clean the solar panels more often. Or when a lot of leaves fall on your roof or the panels are smeared with bird droppings. You can often see for yourself when cleaning the solar panels is necessary. 

How often should I clean my solar panels

Although it does depend on a few factors.¬†Consider rain, for example. Does it rain a little?¬†Then your solar panels are often dirtier (read less ‚ėÄÔłŹ yield), so it is advisable to clean them a little more frequently.

Or are there many busy birds that leave bird droppings as a souvenir on your solar panels? Even then it is better to have them cleaned faster. 

3. How do you clean solar panels?

Want to climb onto the roof yourself to clean your solar panels? No, you can outsource it. Doing it yourself also involves risks.

Think of scratches that can appear on your solar panels. Or that you are using the wrong cleaning products. There are companies that specialize in this and clean them perfectly for you.

Take a look locally to see what is available (= a bit better again¬†).¬†In the meantime, you can drink coffee in peace‚Ķ in the sun.¬†And charge yourself ūüėČ.

4. How much does it cost to have them cleaned?

You can think of an amount of around 50 to 80 euros. This also partly depends on how many solar panels you have. Tip: Are you having your gutter cleaned?

How do you clean solar panels

Have your solar panels professionally cleaned immediately. That saves costs. Cleaning your gutter once a year is the norm. Then they can immediately see how dirty your solar panels are.

Please indicate in advance that you may also want to have your solar panels cleaned. You can often indicate this when requesting a quote. At many companies, they can do multiple jobs in one day. Useful!

5. In which season should you have solar panels cleaned?

In the season of the rising flower: spring!¬†Then it is best to have your solar panels cleaned.¬†This is when the best ‚Äúsolar panel months‚ÄĚ begin (April to approximately October).¬†You shine.¬†Your solar panels too.¬†

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