Multitask on your iPhone or Android phone

Just look something up while video calling on WhatsApp. Or view a sent photo. This way you can quickly give clothing advice. You can do this and much more by multitasking on your iPhone or Android phone. In this blog, you will discover what is possible and how you can get more out of your phone.

Picture-in-picture calling

A common way of multitasking on your iPhone and Android phone is with video calling. During video calling, reduce the image and open another app.

This way you can quickly look up your favorite recipe or help the other person with advice about the route. And there are many other possibilities.

Picture-in-picture calling on iPhone

You can multitask this way while video calling on the iPhone.

Multitasking on your iPhone
  1. During the video call, tap the icon to shrink the screen. This is a large rectangle that is reduced to a small rectangle. Your video is now reduced in size.
  2. Now you can move the video with your fingers. This is how you move the video from the top right to the bottom left.
  3. Now open another app to multitask
  4. Full of video calling again? You can make the image full-screen again with the same rectangle icon. Or end the video with the cross.

On your Android phone

You can also make video calls with picture-in-picture on your Android phone. This works for WhatsApp, for example.

  1. During video calling in WhatsApp, tap the back button at the bottom left.
  2. The image is reduced in size and you can place it wherever you want.
  3. Now open another app to multitask.
  4. Do you want the image to be large again? Double-click on the video to enlarge it. Done calling? You end the conversation with the cross.

Watch videos and use other apps

With multitasking, you can also use an app while watching a video. This way you can text with your friends while following a football match of your favorite club on your phone. 

Multitask on your iPhone

On the iPhone, multitasking in combination with a video works like this.

  1. Open the video app that supports multitasking.
  2. Now swipe from bottom to top.
  3. The video is now placed in a small frame. 
  4. You can move and resize the screen.
  5. You can now also open another app. This way you can answer your messages while watching the video or sports match.

Multitask on your Android phone

With your Android phone, multitasking goes a little further. Just like with the iPhone, you can place video apps in a small image.

Multitasking on your Android phone

But certain apps also have a picture-in-picture function. This brings them into a small window while you use other apps. This way you can keep Google Maps open for navigation while sending a message that you are on your way. 

  1. Go to the settings of your Android phone.
  2. Select Apps there.
  3. Scroll down and choose Special App Access.
  4. Choose Screen-in-screen for this.
  5. You can set per-app whether it can multitask.

The advantage of multitasking

Multitasking on your phone provides many benefits. By multitasking you always have control over what happens on your phone.

You never miss an important text while watching a match. And when you navigate on your Android phone, you can place Google Maps on a small screen and keep an overview.

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