10 valuable podcast tips for 2023

Would you like to relax for a while? Or take your mind off things? Instead of listening to music or reading a book, you can also listen to a podcast. There are dozens of types available online. From exciting crime podcasts to funny podcasts about love. In this blog, you will find some of the most popular podcasts of the moment.

10 podcast tips you shouldn’t miss

A podcast has been made on almost every theme. This way you can always find one that suits you. Below I list 10 good podcast tips for you.

1. In Depth: Path through the Brain

Baan door het Brein is a podcast from BNR. In this podcast, psychiatrist and neuroscientist Iris Sommers takes you on a journey through the human brain.

You will learn all about the senses, the left and right hemispheres, whether there are differences between men and women and much more. 

2. Geuze & Gorgels

Monica Geuze and Kaj Gorgels are best friends and solve listeners’ First World Problems in their podcast. The topics range from relationships and friendships to studies. Including a large dose of vulgar humor and funny situations. 

3. KieftJansenEgmondGijp

KieftJansenEgmondGijp is the perfect podcast for football lovers. Wim Kieft, Rob Jansen, Michel van Egmond, and René van der Gijp discuss the wonderful world of top football in every episode.

From hilarious moments to lively discussions, everything is covered. Taboos also do not go undiscussed. 

4. Murder cast

Dionne Slagter is also known as OnneDi. She is a popular YouTuber and gamer. In Moordcast she delves into real-life, mysterious murder cases together with her brother Henrik.

5. Maarten van Rossem – The Podcast

In Maarten van Rossem’s podcast, he talks about current news together with Tom Jessen. And about history. Nice to listen to if you want to be kept up to date with the latest news. And if you want subjects illuminated from different sides.

6. Drinks talk

Friends Thijs Boermans and Niels Oosthoek talk about all kinds of things in the podcast Borrelpraat. From parties to becoming a father and from dating to friendships.

Every week they invite a different guest and while enjoying a drink and a snack they discuss all the important things in life.

7. The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett

British entrepreneur Steven Bartlett interviews several influential people in his podcast. The Diary of a CEO is an interesting, honest, and emotional podcast.

Some guests include marketing expert Rory Sutherland, singer Rita Ora, Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams, and author Simon Sinek. He also interviews dozens of professors and scholars on various topics. 

8. Rede Double – The Maastricht torture murder

Gerede Twijfel is a seven-part podcast series. NRC follows eleven students in a months-long analysis of a murder case from 2012.

They investigate whether the justice department has sufficiently investigated the story and whether the verdict is correct.

The Gerede Twijfel project has been around for some time and investigates possible miscarriages of justice. Intense revelations have already been made about various cases. Will this case also be reopened? 

9. Aaf and Lies will solve it again

Aaf Brandt Corstius and Lies Visschedijk have been friends for years. The duo can therefore chat for hours about anything and everything.

In this podcast they discuss world problems, but also those of listeners. And from himself. They rate their week and thanks to Lies’ nature section they completely relax.

10. The Psychologist Podcast

In The Psychologist Podcast, a new psychological theme is discussed every episode. From stress and hormones to making choices.

There is always a different psychologist as a guest. He or she knows everything about the topic being discussed. 

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