This is how you record a telephone conversation with your iPhone

Do you have an important telephone conversation planned? Maybe you should remember things about that. It may then be useful to record the conversation. I’ll tell you how to record a phone call with your iPhone.

Record iPhone conversation: useful apps

Whether you have an iPhone 14 or an iPhone 12. You can record a conversation on any iPhone. You have to download an app for this. I have listed 3 good apps for you below.


Recording a telephone conversation on your iPhone is easy with the TapeACall app. The app can not only record conversations but also transcribe them.

He then automatically transcribes the entire conversation. Handy if you want to read it again. TapeACall is free for three days. After that, it costs €29.99 per year. It works like this:

  1. Start a phone conversation.
  2. Exit the conversation window and open the TapeACall app.
  3. Tap the record button.
  4. Tap ‘Call’.
  5. Return to the conversation window of your phone call.
  6. Tap the plus sign to add TapeACall as a third caller to the phone call.

The app will now record the call until you hang up. You can listen to the conversation later in the app.

record phone call iphone


A second good app to record a conversation with your iPhone is RecMyCalls. It works much the same as TapeACall. Here too, you can record with the three-way calling function.

You add a third caller to the conversation. In this case that is RecMyCalls. You can record your incoming and outgoing calls. And have telephone conversations transcribed.


With Skype you can call and video chat online. And it is possible to record your conversations. Call someone via the Skype app, tap the plus sign, and the conversation will be recorded. This is also possible if you video chat with someone.

Good to know: the person you are calling can see that a third person has been added to the conversation when using all these apps. So you cannot record a conversation with your iPhone without the other person knowing.

Record a conversation on your iPhone without an app

No point in downloading an app on your iPhone? Then you can put your iPhone on speaker during the phone call and keep your laptop nearby.

Turn on the dictaphone on your laptop and your conversation will be recorded from your laptop. This does reduce the sound quality. But it works easily. You can also record a conversation with another smartphone.

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