These are the 8 best Android Auto apps

With Android Auto apps you can drive hands-free. And safe. Use your navigation, listen to music, and discover the latest news. I have listed the 8 best Android Auto apps for you.

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto ensures that you can use Android on the dashboard of your car. You just need to connect your Android phone.

Whether you have a Samsung phone or a Google phone have. You then have a simple version of your phone screen on your dashboard.

This way you can use your phone safely behind the wheel. Thanks to voice commands with Google Assistant, this can be done hands-free.

The 8 best apps for Android Auto

Not all apps work with Android Auto. But there are a lot of them that do work. I’ll tell you which 8 are the most useful.

best Android Auto apps

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps. Navigating is the same as on your phone. Are you already driving?

Then use Google Voice Assistant. For example, ask: “Navigate home.” The app then immediately calculates the best route.

2. WhatsApp

Want to send a WhatsApp message to your best friend while you’re on the road? It is possible with WhatsApp on Android Auto. And Google Assistant. With the dictation function, you can send a message hands-free. And received messages are read to you.

3. Waze

Another useful navigation app that you can use with Android Auto is Waze. This allows you to navigate quickly and easily from A to B.

Here too, you use Google Assistant to calculate your route. Handy: Waze gives you extra traffic information along the way. It collects data from other Waze users so that the app knows exactly where it is busy.

4. The Weather Channel

Want to know what the weather is like at your destination? You can do that with The Weather Channel. You will also receive updates if you drive toward a rain or thunderstorm.

Android Auto apps

5. Spotify

You can listen to your favorite music while driving with Spotify. Or put on a nice podcast. You can use Spotify hands-free with Google Assistant. Just tell us which song you want to hear. Or open your most listened-to playlist.

6. myTuner

Would you rather listen to the radio in the car on your Android? myTuner is a handy app that connects you to the radio via your mobile internet.

This means you no longer have to worry about a bad FM connection. You can also choose from hundreds of channels. The app also works abroad.

7. Audible

You can also listen to a good audiobook while you’re on the road. You use the Android Auto app Audible for this. From exciting thrillers to interesting psychology books. The app has it all. 

8. New York Times

With the New York Times app you stay informed of all the world news. The news is read aloud along the way. This way you can keep your eyes on the road, but you won’t miss anything important.

Drive safely with Google Assistant

Google Assistant in particular makes driving with Android Auto safer. Navigating, listening to music, and sending messages can all be done hands-free thanks to this handy assistant. This way you can stay alert while Google does the work for you.  

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