These are 5 of the best podcasts of 2023

There’s nothing better than a good podcast. They help you relax after a busy day. Or teach you new knowledge. Are you looking for a fun show to listen to? These are the five best podcasts.

5 of the best podcasts of the moment 

From talk shows to interviews and true stories. There are many podcasts you can listen to. Then take a look and choose a nice one.

We will help you get started and selected five of the best podcasts of the moment for you. Enjoy listening! 

The Stijn, Tobi and Jeppe Show 

From tattoos to your bowel movements and death; nothing goes undiscussed in the Stijn, Tobi and Jeppe Show .

best podcasts 2023

A new episode is released every Friday in which life’s most important questions are discussed. As a trend watcher, Stijn takes you through the latest trends. Jasper shares an inspiring quote every episode.

And Tobias tells everything about a matching culinary snack. Extra fun: your life question can also be answered. You can ask the trio all your pressing questions via Instagram. 

Long story short 

Would you like to stay informed about what is going on in the world? Maybe the podcast Long story short is something for you.

Every day a new episode comes online at 5 am and one topic is highlighted in five minutes. In a short time you will discover everything you need to know about the latest news. 


Love football? Wim Kieft, Rob Jansen, Michel van Egmond and René van der Gijp too. In the Kieft Jansen Egmond Gijp show, the foursome discuss everything about the wonderful world of top football.

Prepare for lots of hilarious moments and lively discussions. The podcast has no taboos; literally everything is discussed at the table. 

What a week! 

Another great podcast to keep up to date with the latest news: What a week! In this show, Maxim Hartman and René van Leeuwen go through the week with you.

They zoom in on current events and give their unvarnished opinion about it. Of course in a humorous (and sometimes somewhat harsh) way. A new episode appears every Friday. Perfect to start the weekend. 


Love exciting stories? Then the Homicide podcast might be something for you. In this show, Carrie & Eddie discuss the most controversial, solved murder cases in the Netherlands.

Become completely involved in a case and solve the murder yourself. Who do you think did it? The podcasts last about an hour and the stories all really happened.

This way you can listen to the best podcasts

You can find these podcasts on Spotify, Podimo, Apple Podcasts or PodNL, among others. Want to listen to all this on the go?

Immediately Unlimited subscription, you don’t have to worry about all the data you use. And do you want something different than these best podcasts?

Then with Unlimited Entertainment you always have something to watch on Netflix and Videoland . 

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