Everything about the sustainable Fairphone 5

Looking for a phone that lasts extra long? Then a smartphone from Fairphone is for you. Fairphone makes durable telephones that are also easy to repair. The Fairphone 5 is the brand’s latest sustainable addition. You can read all about it here!

This is Fairphone

Fairphone was founded in the Netherlands in 2013. The manufacturer’s ambition is: that phones should last longer and the phone market should become fairer.

Fairphone’s sustainable telephones are therefore modular. This means that you can quickly and easily replace parts yourself if something is broken. And that for a good and fair price.

Also important: safe and fair working conditions. Fairphone gives the factory employees a fair salary and ensures that everyone can be heard.

The (recycled) materials are purchased fairly and sustainably and do not come from conflict areas. The company has 14 focus materials that are recycled or purchased fairly and sustainably.

fairphone 5 sustainable smartphone

For example Fairtrade gold. Fairphone tries to prevent child or forced labor. They also support projects that focus on energy efficiency in Uganda and Congo.

The new Fairphone 5

The manufacturer’s latest sustainable phone is the Fairphone 5, the successor to the Fairphone 4. Below you can read what this smartphone has to offer. 

Designed to last extra long

The Fairphone 5, like other Fairphone phones, is easy to repair. The phone is made of modules and parts that you can buy and replace separately.

This is also possible for an affordable price. For example, a new screen costs between €80 and €99, and a new battery costs between €26 and €39.

The Fairphone 5 is very fast. And he remains so. This is due to the new Octa-core chip. This has a long lifespan and will receive software updates for the next 8 years. Unique in the telephone industry!

E-waste neutral

For every Fairphone sold, Fairphone recycles another device. Or refurbished for a second chance. The Fairphone 5 is also free of e-waste. Do you have an old phone lying around? You can hand these in at Fairphone for sustainable recycling.

5 years warranty

Fairphone wants you to use your phone for as long as possible and that is why they offer a warranty period of up to five years.

Very nice if you can’t make something yourself. Once you purchase your phone, you can activate the warranty at fairphone.com/warranty.

Powerful specifications

The Fairphone 5 is a fast phone with Android 13, which you can fully customize to your own wishes. The phone has room for two SIM cards. Thanks to this dual SIM option, you can keep work and private life separate.

The Fairphone 5 is better than the Fairphone 4. For example, the Fairphone 4 had a processor with a maximum computing power of 2.2 GHz.

This faster processor of the Fairphone 5 has an impressive maximum computing power of 2.7 GHz. Together with 8 GB of RAM, this means that you can easily switch between apps and that all tasks are performed quickly.

The processor is also energy efficient, which, together with the 4200 mAh battery, ensures that you can call, stream, and scroll through your social media all day long.

The Fairphone 5 has three high-quality 50-megapixel cameras: a main camera, an ultra-wide-angle camera, and a selfie camera.

You also have enough storage space, namely 256 GB. You can even expand this up to 2 TB. You can easily store years of footage in this!

Are you also going for a sustainable smartphone?

It will last for years, has an extra-long warranty, and has all kinds of great features. The Fairphone 5 is a winner if you are looking for a good, durable phone. You can purchase the Fairphone 5 from September 14 in combination with a telephone subscription.

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