How to clean solar panels on garden lights

If you have solar panels on your roof, you are undoubtedly wondering whether you need to clean your solar panels. They are of course washed clean by the rain, but should they also be covered with soapy water every now and then? In this article, we explain more about how to clean solar panels on garden lights in a sustainable (and safe!) way.

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1. What you need to know about cleaning solar panels 2. How to: Clean solar panels

What you need to know about cleaning solar panels

Whether you already have solar panels on your roof or are thinking of hiring a solar panel installer: a little information about having these popular panels on the roof is always useful.

Do you have to clean your solar panels or is that not necessary? In principle, it is not necessary. The rain rinses your solar panels sufficiently clean once in a while. Snow also makes your panels completely fresh again.

clean solar panels on garden lights

Cleaning your solar panels is a wise idea if you are bothered by a tree close to your house. If the tree drops a lot of flowers (with pollen) and/or leaves, these can end up on your panels.

Blowing sand, which can bother you if you live in a house near the coast, also does not really benefit your solar panels.

Our advice if you want to clean your solar panels? Clean your solar panels in March or April. This makes them completely fresh before spring and especially summer start and you have the most hours of sunshine. You obviously want to take this with clean panels that absorb the energy.

How to: Clean solar panels

1. Use a garden hose to spray the solar panels clean

The best and safest way to clean your solar panels is to use a garden hose. Connect the garden hose to an (outdoor) tap and spray the solar panels clean while standing on the ground below. Do this with lukewarm water. Start in a light setting and spray the panels clean on the medium setting.

Please note: Clean your solar panels while standing in your front or backyard. Never lean out of a skylight. Need professional help because you can’t reach it properly?

This costs between 50 and 200 euros, depending on the number of panels. If your panels are slightly more difficult to reach, for example, because you have solar panels on a dormer window, we recommend seeking professional help.

2. Remove stains from bird droppings

Stains of bird droppings or other dark spots can be seen as shadows. This means your solar panel absorbs less sun. Remove this with the hard setting of your garden hose.

An extendable cleaning stick with a soft sponge can also work well.¬†If you have a flat roof, you can use lukewarm water ‚Äď it is better not to use a cleaning agent!¬†‚Äď and a soft sponge to get started.¬†Never use a scouring pad or hard sponge, as this will cause damage.

Please be careful not to endanger yourself. For example, never lean out of a window to reach panels.

3. Include the edges of the solar panels

The edges of the solar panel also become very dirty. Try to remove this as best you can with your garden hose. If that doesn’t work, you can try an extendable cleaning stick. Make sure the worst of the dirt is gone. Soaking is usually sufficient. The rain does the rest!

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