Solar powered garden lighting for extra atmosphere

The garden is an extension of our house: it is a place to stay and enjoy yourself with friends and family. Of course, you want it to look beautiful, for example with a beautiful lawn, colorful flowers, and a stylish seating area. Atmospheric garden lighting based on solar energy cannot of course be missed. Read here how you can illuminate your garden attractively and sustainably based on solar energy.

1. Solar garden lighting, sustainable and stylish

Light is increasingly used not only purely functionally, but also decoratively. There is light to guide the garden path, spotlights to illuminate a beautiful part of the garden, or lamps to provide atmospheric lighting for the cozy gathering. Unfortunately, our drive to lighten everything is not always sustainable and good for the environment.

Fortunately, the ability to run solar-powered outdoor lighting has taken off. LED lamps require very little energy and a few solar cells can already provide a lighted lamp.

With LED outdoor lighting based on solar energy, you use the power of the sun to light your lamp. This makes it unnecessary to install cabling and simply place the lamp where it lights up best.

Choose sufficient daylight

To enjoy your lighting optimally, we recommend placing the solar garden lighting in a place where there is sufficient daylight. Preferably in direct sunlight.

The more hours in the sun, the better the battery is charged and the longer you can enjoy it. The lights do not function optimally under trees, roofs, or other places in the shade. Catch the most daylight by pointing your outdoor solar lighting towards the south.

2. Four advantages of solar garden lighting

  1. Solar garden lighting is wireless. You do not need to install electrical cables for the lights. That saves a lot of work. In addition, this offers the freedom and flexibility to place the lights in the garden according to your personal wishes. 
  2. Save costs on your energy bill with solar-powered outdoor lighting. Installing solar panels is easy on your wallet, and choosing solar-powered outdoor lighting will certainly save you on your energy bill on an annual basis.
  3. The battery charges automatically. Solar garden lighting charges automatically and turns on when the sun goes down. So easy!
  4. It is an environmentally friendly choice. Solar garden lighting uses a sustainable energy source, with low CO2 emissions. Moreover, solar lighting consists of LED lamps, which last much longer than traditional light sources. 

3. Types of solar garden lighting

Hanging garden lighting 

With hanging solar-powered string lights you can create a fairytale setting, right in your own garden.

Solar garden torches

You can easily place torches in the garden and you can enjoy the authentic design even when the lamp is not lit. 

Garden lighting with sensors

Garden lighting with sensors ensures that you can walk safely through the garden in the dark. In addition, it creates a pleasant atmosphere at any time of the year.

Other sustainable garden lighting 

The choice is huge: there is plenty to discover based on sustainable garden lighting. These three unique solar garden lights are our current favorite. 

4. This is how charging solar garden lighting works

Most solar-powered garden lighting has a burning time of approximately 6 hours with a full battery. How long the lights take to charge depends on how much sun there is in a day.

Please note: Before using solar garden lighting, it is important to properly charge the batteries first. Turn off the lamp switch and place the lamp in a sunny place.

Leave the lamp here for a few days to absorb hours of sunshine and fully charge it. You can then turn the switch back on and enjoy your sustainable mood lights. 

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