How do you clean your phone? 6 steps for a clean screen

Almost everyone uses a phone every day. We regularly hold this device in our hands, sometimes even in places that are not very hygienic. This makes your phone often a source of bacteria and can even transmit diseases. So make sure you clean your phone regularly.

How clean is your smartphone? Techlarges explains how to clean your smartphone in 6 steps. Without damaging it. Be sure to turn off your smartphone first, that’s safe.

How clean is your phone? We explain how to clean your phone in 6 steps. Without damaging it. To be safe, turn off your phone first. 

1. A clean phone starts with clean hands

A clean phone starts with clean hands. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly regularly. How do you do that? Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds as follows: 

  1. Use soap
  2. Soap your hands well (including your fingers and nails)
  3. Rinse your hands well
  4. Dry your hands on a paper towel or a clean and dry regular towel. If you use a regular towel, replace it at least on a daily basis.

2. Clean your case and replace the screen protector

If you have a case, clean that too. Make sure you take your phone out of the case first. Take a lint-free, clean, and soft cloth and dampen it slightly with warm water.

How do you clean your phone

Do not use cleaning agents such as window cleaners, household cleaners, or abrasives. If you have a screen protector, clean it in the same way. If your screen protector is full of scratches, replace it with a new one. 

3. Clean the charger or headphone jack

Dust and crumbs can easily accumulate in the hole of your charger or headphone jack. You remove them by blowing very hard into the holes a few times.

You can also make a mini dustpan yourself: straighten a paper clip and roll a few layers of adhesive tape around the end, with the sticky side out. Be careful not to damage anything. 

4. Clean with wipes

You can use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen. You moisten the cloth slightly or put a little Hama cleaning spray on it.

Clean your phone with circular movements. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe down the body of your phone.

how to clean your phone

Make sure that your phone does not get too wet and always dry it with a clean and dry towel in between.

Tip: Avoid using disinfectant hand gel or alcoholic wipes. This can damage your phone. 

5. Clean with UV light

Do you want to make your phone 100% free of bacteria? Then you can use the Phone Soap charger. It is a kind of mini sunbed where your phone is cleaned and charged at the same time.

It works like this: 2 UV lamps in the charger produce special radiation that passes through the cell walls of the bacteria and affects the DNA. This causes the cells to die and no longer pose a risk of infection. 

6. A shiny screen

Do you want a scratch-free and shiny screen? Then use toothpaste. Put a little bit of this on your screen, take a soft cloth, and gently rub the toothpaste in circular movements. Grab a microfiber cloth and rub it some more and your screen will look like new again. 

From now on a clean phone

With a clean phone, you can be sure that you do not have a source of bacteria on your hands. If you often go through the above steps, you will always have a clean phone. 

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