Want to take a good selfie? That’s how you do that

Do you need a new photo for social media? Or are you wearing a beautiful outfit and want to capture it? You can then take a selfie with your phone. Read here how to do that and which phones have the best selfie camera.

What is a selfie?

A selfie is a self-portrait that you take with your phone. You do that with the front camera. You often use a selfie like this as a profile photo.

For example on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also make them with several friends at the same time. A group selfie. A good way to show yourself fully. 

How do you take a good selfie? 5 tips

You now know which phones have a good selfie camera. But how do you actually take a nice selfie? Below you will find 5 useful tips. 

  1. Don’t take a selfie from the front, but turn your nose slightly to the left or right. This will prevent your face from appearing flat.
  2. Hold the camera slightly higher than your face. This way, every part of your face is well exposed.
  3. Provide good lighting, such as daylight. Are you taking a photo inside? Then stand close to the window, facing it. The light is then as natural as possible.
  4. Look carefully where you are. Are you happy with the background? Or is there something on it that you don’t want to record?
  5. Assume your favorite pose. How do you prefer to be in your selfie?

5 phones that take good selfies

For a beautiful and sharp self-portrait, you need a good camera. Below you can read which phones have the best selfie camera.

taking selfie

1. OPPO Reno10

The OPPO Reno10 takes very good selfies. That’s because the front camera takes photos in 32 megapixels.

This is higher than most phones. This way you capture more details and that makes your selfie more realistic. Images are full of color, light, and contrast.

You can also capture all your other favorite moments with the OPPO Reno10. The phone also has a 64-megapixel main camera, a 32-megapixel telephoto lens, and an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera. 

2. Nothing Phone (2)

The Nothing Phone (2) also has a 32-megapixel selfie camera. This allows you to take the most detailed photos of yourself.

The phone has good hardware and improved software compared to the Nothing Phone (1). The result? More beautiful photos.

Thanks to the special night mode, you can also take good photos in the dark. Do you want to take a group selfie with family or friends at a birthday party in the evening? So arranged. 

3. Samsung Galaxy S23 

Panoramas, group photos, portraits. The Samsung Galaxy S23 does it all. You can also take selfies with this phone.

The 12-megapixel selfie camera is hidden in a small hole at the top of the large AMOLED screen. Point the camera at yourself and easily take the most beautiful photos.

Have you accidentally photographed something that you do not want in the picture? Use the special AI Image Enhancer. This removes unwanted objects or people from the background of your photo. 

4. iPhone 15 

Apple has also designed phones that allow you to take beautiful self-portraits. Like the iPhone 15. On the front of the phone, you will find a 12-megapixel selfie camera. This has an improved autofocus.

You can choose even more easily what the lens should focus on. Do you want yourself to be the center of attention? Just press the screen and the background will automatically fade away.

5. Samsung Galaxy A54 

Are you looking for an affordable phone with a good selfie camera? Then there is the Samsung Galaxy A54. This phone is cheaper in its price range but still has excellent cameras.

On the front, you will find a 32-megapixel selfie camera. Whether you take a self-portrait or a group selfie; every image is razor-sharp. The camera captures all the details and colors as they are in real life.

Apps to make your selfies even more beautiful

Have you taken a nice selfie and do you want to edit it? There are a lot of apps for that on your phone. With these 7 photo editing apps you can easily adjust the exposure yourself. Give your self-portrait or group selfie a retro look. Or add a nice filter or effect. 

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