Overview: independent Fairphone 5 reviews

The Fairphone 5 is the latest phone from the sustainable telephone brand. You can easily repair it yourself and it will have the latest Android version for no less than 8 years. Are experts impressed? In this overview of Fairphone 5 reviews, we list the opinions of independent experts.

Meet the Fairphone 5

A phone that lasts extra long and is durable: is the Fairphone 5. The phone is the successor to the Fairphone 4.

It has powerful specifications, such as a good processor and main camera. The screen has also been improved considerably. This does not have an IPS LCD, but OLED.

Fairphone 5 reviews: this is what the experts say

Almost every new phone is tested and assessed by independent experts. The Fairphone 5 has also been tested by many experts.

Curious about what they say about this sustainable phone? Below we highlight Fairphone 5 reviews from independent experts for you.

Design: “Little to complain about”

Experts are satisfied with the design of the Fairphone 5. The tech expert from Techradar says: “It fits well in the hand and the plastic back has the advantage that it does not slip on smooth surfaces such as a glass table.

The on and off button with built-in fingerprint scanner on the right works significantly better than the button on the Fairphone 4.” 

What else is useful about the plastic back? That is, you can take it off to replace parts yourself. Pocket-lint: “You can easily remove the plastic back. This also makes the replaceable battery visible.

Fairphone 5 review

Because you can buy individual parts for the phone from Fairphone, you can easily repair the phone yourself. Something that should be much more normal than it is.” 

At 9.6 millimeters, the Fairphone 5 is not the thinnest smartphone, but according to Techradar that doesn’t matter much.

“Would it be better if he was thinner? Yes, but that might affect the modules inside. Does a glass back feel more premium?

Absolutely, but you can’t just safely detach glass to gain access to the inside of the phone.” Finally, they think the version with a transparent back is a nice addition for users who like to (rightly) show off their durable phone.

Screen: “A nice, balanced design”

The biggest upgrade of the Fairphone 5 is the screen. Techradar explains: “Where the Fairphone 4 had an LCD display with a 60 Hz refresh rate and recess, on the Fairphone 5 you get an OLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate and a hole with the selfie camera in it.” Also nice: “The screen edges have become slightly smaller, so the display is now 6.43 inches instead of 6.3 inches. Without the phone itself getting any bigger.”

Camera: “A welcome improvement”

“The new camera system on the Fairphone 5 is a welcome improvement over the previous version,” Pocket-lint said. “The 50-megapixel main camera does a good job and makes colors stand out well. Details are also well displayed in the right light.”

The Guardian says: “The main camera is the best and takes beautiful photos in good light. Just like the selfie camera. The phone also has a macro photography mode (very nice), slow-motion video options and you can normally film in 4K.”

Specifications: “The long-term support is a big advantage”

Experts are particularly pleased with the long-term support that Fairphone offers. This way you get at least 5 Android updates and 8 years of security updates.

According to The Guardian, Fairphone even wants to extend this to 10 years; something you don’t see on any other phone.

The Guardian: “Thanks to these security updates, you can use Android safely on the Fairphone 5. Longer than on any other phone.

The Fairphone 5 comes standard with Android 13, without all kinds of unnecessary apps and options. But it is also possible to install another operating system. Like Linux, or other versions of Android.”

Then the processor: the Fairphone 5 has a Qualcomm QCM 640 processor. An unusual choice, according to CNET. “This chip is usually used for industrial applications and Internet of Things devices.

But Fairphone says that it is precisely this chip that makes much longer software support possible than, for example, the Snapdragon variant.”

CNET notes that the phone has enough juice to surf the web, Instagram and watch videos all day. The Fairphone 5 can also easily handle (heavy) games such as Alto’s Odyssey and Asphalt 9.

Battery: “A 4200 mAh battery with fast charging option”

The Fairphone 5 has a 4200 mAh battery. A battery that delivers average performance, according to The Guardian. “The battery lasts about 36 hours if your screen time is more than 5 hours at 90 Hz refresh rate.” 

But if you use certain apps a lot, they won’t last as long. TechRadar: “With light to average use, the battery can last a full day.

If you scroll a lot on TikTok or watch Netflix for an hour on the train to work, you should take the charger with you in the evening.”

The advantage according to TechRadar? “You can simply remove the battery from the phone by hand. Has battery health declined after a few years?

Then you don’t have to do anything more than order a new one from Fairphone and replace it yourself.”

Fairphone 5 review: final verdict

The Fairphone 5 is especially a good choice if you want a phone that will last a long time. And you like to be environmentally conscious.

CNET also agrees: “Thanks to the long software support and the fact that you can easily repair it, this phone will still be usable years from now.

A very good price-quality ratio. And you can pat yourself on the back because you made a conscious decision.”

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