Comparison: OPPO A98 vs OPPO A78

Two affordable phones that are at home in all markets. These are the OPPO A78 and OPPO A98. With large screens, lots of storage, and plenty of options to take beautiful photos. The two affordable phones share many advantages. Yet there are also plenty of differences. Discover them in my OPPO A98 vs OPPO A78 comparison. So after reading you will know exactly which one suits you when you are looking for a new phone.

Meet the OPPO A78 and OPPO A98

The OPPO A78 and OPPO A98 are two affordable phones that the Chinese manufacturer released in 2023.

With their sleek design, they look exclusive. Without costing the top prize. They are about the same size but are also very different from each other.

Compare Specifications of the OPPO A78 and OPPO A98 yourself

Below you can see the most important specifications of the two OPPO phones. Useful if you want to know the exact differences. Later in the text, I explain what the most important differences are.

OPPO A98 vs A78
Date of outcomeJanuary 7, 2023May 9, 2023
Dimensions163.8 x 75.1 x 8 millimeters165.6 x 76.1 x 8.2 millimeters
Weight188 grams192 grams
Used materialsGlass front, plastic sides and backGlass front, plastic sides, and back
Waterproof?IP54: dust and water repellentNo
Screen size6.56 inches6.72 inches
Screen resolutionHD+: 1612 x 720 pixelsFull HD+: 2400 x 1080 pixels
Refresh rate90Hz120Hz
Operating systemAndroid 12Android 13
ProcessorMediatek Dimensity 700: 2x 2.2 GHz, 6x 2 GHz, 7 nanometersSnapdragon 695 5G: 2x 2.2 GHz, 6x 1.7 GHz, 6 nanometers
Random access memory4GB8GB
Storage memory128GB256GB
Glass front, plastic sides, and backYes, microSDXCYes, microSDXC
Fast charging?Yes, 52% in 30 minutesYes, 50% in 18 minutes
Main camera 150 megapixel: f/1.8 aperture, 26mm64 megapixel: f/1.7 aperture, 26mm
Main camera 22-megapixel depth sensor: f/2.4 aperture2-megapixel micro lens: f/3.3 aperture, 34mm
Main camera 3‚ÄďIs memory expandable?
Selfie camera8 megapixel: f/2.0 aperture, 27mm32 megapixel: f/2.4 aperture, 22mm
Fingerprint sensor?Yes, sideYes, side
Available colorsBlackBlack

OPPO A78 vs OPPO A98 comparison: what are the biggest differences?

At a glance, the two OPPO phones look very similar. Appearances are deceiving. There are also many differences between the OPPO A78 and A98. Read on for the most important ones.

Design: Small but important differences

Of the two phones, the OPPO A98 has the sleekest design. His selfie camera is not in a recess but in a hole.

This way you have more screen. It is slightly larger than the OPPO A78. Yet the screen edges are thinner, so you also have more screen.

The OPPO A78 has the advantage that it is dust and water-repellent with an IP54 certificate. It can handle it better if your phone accidentally gets wet.

Screen: a clear winner

It is perhaps the most important part of your phone: the screen. After all, you do everything on that.

Watching movies, typing, reading messages. In short: an important part to pay attention to when choosing your new phone.

Which OPPO suits you

The OPPO A78 has a 6.56-inch screen. That is more than large enough to read messages properly. And that format is also great for watching videos or playing games.

The refresh rate is above average fast at 90 Hz. This way the screen responds faster to your touches. This makes scrolling smoother, for example.

The screen has an HD+ resolution of 1612 x 720 pixels. This means that the OPPO A78 scores well on every screen component.

Yet it can be better. The OPPO A98 proves this. The larger 6.72-inch screen also has a higher resolution Full HD+ with 2400 x 1080 pixels.

You will see more details there. The brightness is also higher, making the screen easier to read in bright sunlight.

The higher refresh rate of 120 Hz ensures that videos play extra smoothly. This improves your viewing experience. This makes the OPPO A98’s screen better than that of the OPPO A78 in every aspect.

Specifications: which OPPO is faster?

Under the hood are the components that determine how fast your phone is. Like the processor. The phones both have the same maximum computing power of 2.2 GHz.

This ensures that apps such as WhatsApp, your news app, and YouTube start quickly. The OPPO A98 has the advantage that its processor is more efficient.

Still, the battery life is comparable. The battery in both phones has a 5000 mAh capacity. Because the OPPO A78 has a smaller screen with a lower resolution and refresh rate, it consumes less energy. Resulting in a comparable battery life to the OPPO A98.

The OPPO A98 is better when switching between apps. That’s because it has twice as much RAM: 8 to 4 GB. The OPPO A78 has 128 GB of storage, and the OPPO A98 has 256 GB. That is also an advantage of that phone.

Cameras: what can the OPPO A78 and OPPO A98 do?

Leave it to OPPO to give its affordable phones good cameras. For example, the main camera of the OPPO A78 quickly shoots sharp photos in 50 megapixels.

Your results are realistic and rich in detail. To support this, you have a 2-megapixel depth sensor for portraits.

With the OPPO A98, you have more options. The main camera takes 64-megapixel photos that contain more details.

The aperture is also larger. This means that you get better-exposed photos in less light. It has the same depth sensor as the OPPO A78 but makes the difference with a third camera at the back.

This 2-megapixel microlens brings the image up to 40x closer. This way you can take the most beautiful close-ups.

The winner is also clear in terms of selfies. The OPPO A98 produces images in no less than 32 megapixels.

This way, your selfies will be among the most beautiful of the moment. Do you think it is less important?

The OPPO A78 has an excellent 8-megapixel camera. With both cameras, you can make video calls in Full HD quality.

Which OPPO suits you?

The OPPO A78 is an affordable phone with a good screen and excellent battery life. Do you want a nicer screen, switch faster between apps, and take better photos? Then the OPPO A98 is the better choice. 

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