Solutions when AirPods won’t connect to your devices

You would like to listen to music, watch a video, or start a podcast, but unfortunately, the AirPods think differently. There is no way the earphones or headphones can connect to your device, fortunately, there are solutions.

Issues with AirPods not connecting may be due to an incorrect Bluetooth setting or a software issue on the paired device. It may help to reset the AirPods and ensure they are fully charged.

Update software

Sometimes AirPods problems can arise when your device’s software is not up to date. So make sure you update all devices to the latest version.

For example, you can update an iPhone or iPad via Settings ▸ General ▸ Software Update. The AirPods can also be provided with new firmware, you can read exactly how this works in the highlighted article below.

Fully charge AirPods

Place the AirPods in the charging case or storage case and charge them fully. Preferably do this with the cable instead of wirelessly (Qi or MagSafe). Make sure the earphones or headphones are fully charged.

How to solve airpods no connection

Turn Bluetooth off and on

Sometimes the problems are due to the Bluetooth connection. Therefore, switch Bluetooth off and on again after a few moments and try to connect the AirPods again.

You can disable Bluetooth on an iPhone or iPad via Settings â–¸ Bluetooth and on a Mac via system settings â–¸ Bluetooth.

Cleaning AirPods

Due to daily use, dirt and grime can accumulate in the charging case of the AirPods, which can cause problems due to, among other things, the AirPods not charging properly.

You can clean the earplugs with a soft microfiber cloth. The same type of cloth can also be used to clean the case.

Forced restart

If the problems persist, it is wise to force restart your device. For example, restarting your iPhone is a useful technique to resolve software-related issues.

solution airpods no connection

The connection between the device and AirPods may be corrupt and can be repaired this way. Unfortunately, it is not possible to restart the AirPods. You can read how to force restart your Apple device in the highlighted article below.

Try multiple devices

There’s always a chance that your AirPods are working fine, but the device you’re trying to connect to has a problem.

To rule out that possibility, you should take another iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even Apple Watch and try connecting the AirPods.

This could even be someone else’s device. If this works, you know the problem is with the device and not the AirPods themselves.

Connect one AirPods

Maybe just one AirPod is the cause of the problems. To find out if the problem is limited to a single AirPod, remove the AirPods one by one from the charging case and check if it connects to your device.

Completely restore AirPods

Fully restoring your AirPods can have several benefits. Firstly, it can fix any software errors or bugs that may be present.

It can also help resolve any connectivity issues, restoring a stable and reliable wireless connection. You can read how to safely restore your AirPods in the highlighted article below.

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